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10:26 May 31st

Your website:

What's up?

I'm so happy to be exploring everywhere!!!
looked at your page on NaissanceE and it made me really happy. It is also one of my all time favorites, did you know limasse five released something new???
Replied on: 16:08 Jun 3rd

I didn't know that :o I'll keep an eye out for its release, thanks for letting me know! Glad you liked my page :D

13:15 May 29th
Your younger brother
Yo, nice website! I would love to see some updates to the games page! - Mildew
Replied on: 19:16 May 29th

My Pokémon web page will hopefully get created at some point, when I have the inspiration and ideas for it. There will be a review of the game Strangerous on my video games web page when I finish playing it. ^_^

22:21 May 23rd

Your website:

What's up?

Neocities people are the sweetest!
the greatest things can be found on Neocities!
Replied on: 04:48 May 24th

I agree, there is lots of stuff on Neocities that is pretty interesting and cool. Thank you for your visit

18:49 Apr 29th

Your website:

What's up?

How do you not liek dogs!1!!!1!!!
anyone who doesnt have the same opinion as me gets sent 2 le gulag >:(
(but in all seriousness i love your website)
Replied on: 14:13 May 3rd

Dogs are loud and hyper and dangerous and nasty :)

Thank you! That is quite awesome!

14:28 Apr 29th

Your website:
WOW your website's vibe is just everything
Replied on: 14:12 May 3rd

Oohhhh thanks so much ;3

17:45 Apr 12th

Your website:
hey i love your website :) your music blog is so cool, i need one of those! and thanks for linking me!!
Replied on: 19:16 Apr 12th

Thank you ^.^ and you're welcome :)

08:42 Apr 9th

Your website:
you have such a cute website!!
i also wanted to say i've never met anyone who likes TBM AND Piano Magic! they're two of my all-time favorites and it's just cool that someone else in the world appreciates them just as much! ♡ have a lovely day.
Replied on: 14:25 Apr 9th

Oh wow, me neither! That's pretty cool :o Thank you very much for visiting ^-^

09:37 Mar 29th
luv ur site ^_^
Replied on: 14:09 Mar 29th

Thanks :3

16:09 Mar 27th

Your website:
your site is adorable!! I love the layout, it's so clean c:
Replied on: 19:58 Mar 27th

I appreciate this a lot, thank you! <3

00:27 Mar 18th

Your website:
i love ur sitee , its so cutee XD
Replied on: 03:41 Mar 18th

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it X3

19:52 Mar 16th

Your website:
Your site is so cute, I really like the layout ! Wish you the best :3
Replied on: 20:31 Mar 16th

Thanks so much <33 ^-^

19:31 Mar 15th

Your website:
hi i love your site!! it's super cute!
Replied on: 20:15 Mar 15th

Thank you so much >~<!!

00:32 Mar 14th
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23:05 Mar 13th

Your website (if you have one and want to share X3):
Cute website <3